The Bal Harbour Institute
Counseling and Psychotherapy Center
The Bal Harbor Institute offers a supportive atmosphere, created to produce respect, enrichment, fulfillment, competence and compassion.

Committed to the profession and ethics, for more than 20 years, we have been providing excellent psychological and psychotherapeutic assistance in South Florida.

Alberto Haber, LMHC, will work with you to understand the issues that concern you and will develop a treatment strategy aimed at resolving them in the most effective way.

Alberto H. Haber, LMHC
Director and founder de The Bal Harbour Institute.
License # MH 6948
Among the services we provide include:

- Individual and group psychotherapy.

- Couples and family therapy.

- Consultation and orientation for parents.

All services are offered in English and Spanish.

Contact us to make an appointment.
Phone: (305) 866-3866
Address: 1045 Kane Concourse, Suite 211 Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154